Developing transformative medicines for neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, deploying AI to uncover promising molecules from natural sources.

inspired by nature. powered by AI.
inspired by nature. powered by AI.
inspired by nature. powered by AI.
Our Core

AI-empowered drug discovery.

Pangea Bio discovers and develops novel medicines to treat neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. We deploy AI to uncover promising molecules from nature’s diverse chemical space, enhanced by traditional human evidence of safety and efficacy.

explained in short

Pangea Bio is a biotechnology company advancing the field of drug discovery and development to address the high and growing unmet need in neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. The natural world offers great potential to uncover novel drugs in the Central Nervous System (CNS) field, with 84% of all CNS small-molecule therapeutics being nature-inspired. Our AI engine enables us to study the natural world and uncover the therapeutic potential of these compounds at scale. Our lead R&D program generated promising results in disease areas with significant need.

Facts and figures

Pushing for a better tomorrow.


Nature-derived drugs related to traditional medicinal use

Nature has co-evolved alongside human biology, resulting in a vast reservoir of untapped therapeutic compounds, with prior human medicinal use as an indicator of the efficacy and tolerability of the underlying chemistry.

57+ Mn

People suffer from dementia worldwide

... with an expected growth to over 150 Mn by 2050. This example of growing patient populations in CNS disorders shows the urgent need for new treatments addressing neurological and neuro-psychiatric diseases.


CNS small-molecule therapeutics nature-inspired

The vast majority of CNS small molecules are nature-inspired, showing the great potential the natural world offers to uncover novel CNS drugs.


Nature's small molecules mapped and explored

Nature is one of the richest untapped sources of possible therapeutic compounds. Recent technological and biological advances now allow us to investigate the potential of the 99% unexplored small molecules for CNS disorders and study the natural world at scale.

Pangea's scaleable pipeline of CNS drugs

We combine nature-inspired Central Nervous System (CNS) drug development with AI to build a highly scaleable NCE pipeline for a range or CNS disorders. Our lead asset OT-003, inspired by a natural compound, shows compelling efficacy across neurological disease models and we are planning to start our Phase 1 studies in 2024.

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Inspired by nature.
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Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.