Having a positive


It is part of our mission to preserve ethnobotanical knowledge and habitats. Preservation and reciprocity with traditional knowledge holders is at the heart of Pangea Bio's DNA.

More than just words.

Redistributing benefits

We believe that free, prior informed consent is crucial when working with plants that have been used for centuries by indigenous communities. We comply with the Nagoya protocol and develop benefit-sharing agreements with traditional knowledge holders from the early stages of drug development. Read more about how we put this into practice at Kanna Health, where Pangea holds a 40% minority.

Adhering to standards

We are a certified B Corporation, we are part of a community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. The B Corp certification covers all areas of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) and maps back to the United Nations' SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Being a B Corp is a commitment to a triple bottom line, meaning we balance People, Planet and Profit in how Directors make decisions. Learn more about our impact score here.

Great place
to work

We are striving to be a great place to work for our team. We are treating all team members equally and we are committed to providing an environment of diversity and inclusion. We promote continuous development and embrace flexible working.
Also, our employees can dedicate 1% of their working time to volunteering activities.

Giving back

Our non-profit organization PangeACT

We are setting the non-profit PangeACT, which aims to support a variety of projects and causes and will focus on three pillars:

Knowledge preservation

Preserving the vast plant knowledge of indigenous communities (e.g. documenting and digitizing knowledge).


Protecting the habitats of the plants and communities we are working with (e.g. through biodiversity conservation projects).


Educating future generations about ethnobotany, sciences and the environment (e.g. scholarships and setting up local research hubs).


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