PangeAI – the power of data and technology.

The PangeAITM discovery platform accelerates the discovery and development of novel therapeutics from plants and other kingdoms of life. We harness the power of data & AI to translate nature’s metabolome into medicine, at scale.

Drugs were nature inspired

of today's drugs were discovered from a natural source


Ethnomedical use

of nature-derived therapeutics have an ethnomedical use identical or related to the current use


Unassessed small molecules

of nature's small molecules have been mapped and explored. What if we could explore the remaining 99% at scale?

the power of PangeaI

Nature offers a rich, untapped reservoir of therapeutic compounds. We combine cutting-edge technology across AI, cheminformatics and metabolomics to uncover novel therapeutic chemistry from medicinal biodiveristy to address unmet patient needs.

The power of ai

Uncovering nature’s pharmacy with AI: Leveraging technology for drug discovery

Prioritizing species

We are building one of the world’s largest databases mapping the relationship between organisms and people, using AI to identify biosources with therapeutically relevant chemistry.

Uncovering novel chemistry

We decode the chemical composition of the biomaterial, identifying structurally novel and active compounds.

Predicting bioactivity

We match compounds with their impact on human biology.


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The PangeAITM Discovery Engine

Knowledge Graph

Maps complex relationships across organisms, compounds, and disease biology with embedded AI to predict links.

Computational Metabolomics

Decodes chemical composition of complex biological mixtures from mass spectrometry data.

Compound Activity Profiling

Predicts structure-activity relationship of compounds on human biological targets and relevant neurobiological biomarkers.

Inspired by nature.
Powered by technology.
Preserving knowledge.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.