Pangea Announces Upcoming Abstract Presentation at AD/PD 2024 Conference in Lisbon

London, Feb 22, 2024 - Pangea Bio*, a company developing transformative medicines for neurological disorders, today announced that the company will present exciting new preclinical data with its lead drug candidate OT-003 at the International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases, to be held March 5-9 in Lisbon, Portugal. The data will be presented by Dr Alleyn Plowright, Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr Thomas Pfeiffer, Executive Director of R&D.

Abstract Title: TrkB Modulator OT-003 reduces dopaminergic cell loss, mitochondrial stress, alpha-synuclein aggregation and motor dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease models

The study results demonstrate the disease-modifying potential of OT-003 through targeting multiple hallmarks of Parkinson’s in two separate cellular disease models. The data shows that OT-003 significantly and dose-dependently reduces dopaminergic neuronal cell death, neurite network loss, mitochondrial stress, and alpha-synuclein aggregation. The data is complemented by an in vivo animal study where OT-003 significantly reduces Parkinson’s pathologies and improves motor function.

About OT-003

OT-003 is a proprietary small molecule modulator of the Tropomyosin receptor kinase B (TrkB) with compelling results across a range of cellular and in vivo animal models for CNS diseases. Preclinical data demonstrates that OT-003 promotes neuronal survival and plasticity, reduces pathological protein aggregation and alleviates functional disability. OT-003 is currently undergoing clinical-enabling  safety pharmacology and  toxicology studies with clinical studies  planned to commence by Q1 2025.

About Pangea Bio

Pangea Bio is a London-based biotechnology company focused on developing small molecules for neurological disorders. Pangea deploys AI to discover promising molecules from nature’s diverse chemical space, enhanced by traditional human evidence of tolerability and efficacy.

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* PangeaBio is a trading name of Pangea Botanica Ltd

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