Pangea Bio Accepted to Join Einstein Biotech Innovation Program

Pangea Bio, a company developing transformative medicines for neurological disorders by deploying AI to uncover promising molecules from natural sources, has been selected to join the Einstein Biotech Innovation / program.

The Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital (São Paulo, Brazil) is one of the leading healthcare institutions in Latin America. The Einstein Biotech Innovation program, an accelerator for biotechnology startups, is located at the Albert Einstein campus.

The innovation program offers a training program with entrepreneurial mentors, executives, physicians, scientists, industry partners and regulatory affairs to accelerate the participating company’s development.

Pangea has developed an AI platform, PangeAITM, to accelerate the discovery of novel therapeutics from plants and other life forms. To power their discovery programs, the company is building a growing ecosystem of partners to enable access to a subset of the world’s biodiversity. Among others, Pangea will work jointly with the team at Einstein to set up collaborations with regional hubs and research institutes across Brazil in order to access a vast expanse of the country's local biodiversity, including from the Amazon and Cerrado regions.  The goal will be to apply Pangea’s AI engine in helping select the most promising plants for novel therapeutics.

To kick off the program, Pangea team members Sona Chandra, President PangeAI, and Yoann Gloaguen, Director of Metabolomics, traveled to Brazil to meet the Einstein team and visit these regional hubs and research institutes across the country to discuss and scope these partnerships. Sona Chandra said: “We are grateful for the opportunity to join the Einstein Biotech Innovation program and excited about the prospect of  establishing additional partnerships to access such a unique corpus of plants across Brazil, the most biodiverse country in the world”  

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* Pange Bio is a trading name of Pangea Botanica Ltd

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