Internship Story

I came to Pangea for an internship in the summer between my undergraduate degree in Arts and Sciences at UCL and Master's in Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. My goal for the summer was to learn more about the Biotech industry and get some practical experience of science and business, before going back to my academic schedule at university. Pangea was the perfect fit. The internship was structured very broadly into commercial and R&D components which allowed me to explore both, and work across many projects. Additionally, my manager, Fraser, was incredibly supportive and empowering in letting me take the lead on my own projects and tailoring those towards the type of work I wished to get involved with.

For example, just a few weeks after I started, I was entrusted with building our website and conducting initial due diligences into potential compounds and disease areas. The due diligences were especially daunting at first as I had never conducted anything like it. However, with the help of Fraser and the team, I quickly understood how to go about it, and how to make a comprehensive and accurate assessment on whether to move forward with the compound.

Besides the amazing opportunities that Pangea provides for growth and learning, it has been extremely rewarding and fun to work with the team. Additionally, many of them have been very supportive and helpful with giving advice about next career steps.

Pangea is the ideal place for an internship if you are looking for exposure to a variety of biotech ventures, a diverse set of business and scientific tasks, and an incredibly high level of responsibility as your work directly impacts Pangea’s strategy.

Having observed first hand the immense potential of naturally inspired molecules while building two successful biotech companies in this space, we decided to build an engine to launch such medicine development programs at scale. The plant, the fungal and the animal kingdoms have co-evolved over hundreds of millions of years yielding innumerable symbiotic relationships at the molecular and protein level that are waiting to be discovered and adapted for the development of human medicines. This strategy should significantly improve the odds in drug development to successfully bring novel medications to patients in need.

​Lars Wilde

CEO and Founder Pangea Botanica

Current internship vacancies

We currently have a vacancy for a full time Database Engineer Intern position in our AI team from June 2024 – based in Berlin, Germany, with flexibility for hybrid working. You must have the right to work either in Germany or the UK to apply for this role. The candidate will be working mainly on a EU grant supported project which is managed in partnership with four other institutes across Europe. One of the primary objectives of this project (in relevance to this position) is to consolidate ethnopharmacological data from heterogeneous sources into a database which will support ethnopharmacological researchers to query/update/analyze information with a user-friendly interface.

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