Internship Story

I had the opportunity to intern at Pangea in its very early days, as I was completing my MSc at Imperial College London. My main responsibilities revolved around R&D activities, with exposure to a wide range of other functions.

Despite working from home, the Pangea team has given me a sense of belonging from the start, making me feel part of their small family with shared passion, ambition, and mission. By working in such an early-stage innovative start-up, I was empowered by the important responsibilities I was assigned to from the get-go; I felt like I was given the opportunity to create real impact in the company without delay. In doing so, I got to work closely with people who possess a wealth of experience in their areas of expertise, which definitely accelerated my learning.

Throughout this fulfilling experience, the team has been mindful of my personal development, which led them to offer me a full-time position as a R&D and Operations Analyst. I am really excited to start working full steam ahead with this talented and hard-working team towards an inspiring mission: to leverage nature's healing power for the development of novel therapeutics that could benefit patients around the world.

If you wish to pursue a career in life sciences, I’d highly recommend applying for an internship at Pangea Botanica. I strongly believe that the team you will be working with, and the responsibilities you will be given, will challenge you and equip you with a well-rounded set of skills to kick-start your career!

Current internship vacancies

We currently have a vacancy for a full time Database Engineer Intern position in our AI team from June 2024 – based in Berlin, Germany, with flexibility for hybrid working. You must have the right to work either in Germany or the UK to apply for this role. The candidate will be working mainly on a EU grant supported project which is managed in partnership with four other institutes across Europe. One of the primary objectives of this project (in relevance to this position) is to consolidate ethnopharmacological data from heterogeneous sources into a database which will support ethnopharmacological researchers to query/update/analyze information with a user-friendly interface.

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