Internship Story

During my internship at Pangea, I was exposed to many aspects of how a biotech startup operates and was given the freedom to get involved with as many projects as possible. From the beginning, the management team was supportive and nurtured both my drive and my enthusiasm surrounding natural products. They immediately recognised my strengths and ensured that the main project I was working on was best suited to my skill set and was in an environment were I could grow and hone my understanding of complex ideas. Within the team there are no bad ideas and I was encouraged to share my thoughts in meetings early on.

My main role was reading the scientific literature around the underlying molecular pathways of drug scaffolds we hoped target and to develop analogues of. This role progressed over the course of the internship and culminated in me designing a series of agonists targeting the original scaffolds receptor system and subsequently reaching out to CROs to develop these ideas.

During my internship I learned significantly more about how pharmaceutical companies are run than at university or at a larger company where I feel I would have only been exposed to a smaller aspect of drug development.

It was a great honour to work with such a diverse team, especially one that shared my passion for natural products and that pushed me to produce my best work.

Overall my work and determination paid off and I was rewarded with a full time position as a Scientific Research Associate. The Pangea working environment is supportive and all members have a huge amount of knowledge in their respective areas. I would highly recommend the Pangea internship to anyone wanting to fast track their career in biotech.

Having observed first hand the immense potential of naturally inspired molecules while building two successful biotech companies in this space, we decided to build an engine to launch such medicine development programs at scale. The plant, the fungal and the animal kingdoms have co-evolved over hundreds of millions of years yielding innumerable symbiotic relationships at the molecular and protein level that are waiting to be discovered and adapted for the development of human medicines. This strategy should significantly improve the odds in drug development to successfully bring novel medications to patients in need.

​Lars Wilde

CEO and Founder Pangea Botanica

Current internship vacancies

We currently have a vacancy for a full time Database Engineer Intern position in our AI team from June 2024 – based in Berlin, Germany, with flexibility for hybrid working. You must have the right to work either in Germany or the UK to apply for this role. The candidate will be working mainly on a EU grant supported project which is managed in partnership with four other institutes across Europe. One of the primary objectives of this project (in relevance to this position) is to consolidate ethnopharmacological data from heterogeneous sources into a database which will support ethnopharmacological researchers to query/update/analyze information with a user-friendly interface.

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